Home Protection Tips While You’re on Vacation

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Your itinerary is set, everything is booked and you’re packed and ready to go. Don’t let your well earned vacation be ruined by something that happens at your home. The summer months of July and August are popular vacation months and, not surprisingly, the same months that home burglaries peak.

Tips to protect your home on vacation

Make it look like people are home

This will lessen your chances that your home will be robbed. Late in the evening when the sun starts to set, if all your lights are off from that moment throughout the night, it’s a telltale sign of no one being home. Have a lamp or two on a timer and put in a safe place in the home where it won’t catch fire. This option on Amazon allows you to have a varied schedule, giving you added protection.

Close your curtains and blinds

This is obvious but if you leave your blinds open, outsiders can peer into your home and see that no one is home. A small step that can go a long way.

Have a trusted neighbor keep watch

Ask a neighbor or close friend that you trust if they can watch over your place while you’re away. Make sure you both have up to date contact information in case there are any emergencies. Some ideas: collect your newspaper or mail, remove doorknob or flyers from your front door, take out the trash cans/bring them back in, go over to your home several times to make sure everything is how you left it.


Although this point is a no brainier, it’s an important one! Double check that all exterior doors and windows are locked right before you leave. You don’t want to make it easier for unwanted guests to come into your home. It’s a good practice to lock your garage too, even if you can’t enter your home from your garage. There is still a chance for things to be stolen. Have a hideaway key? Now is the time to lock it up inside your home as well.

Unplug, unplug, unplug

By unplugging electronics and appliances, you’re able to not only save money while you’re gone but also eliminate the worry that you’ve left them on by mistake.  Things being turned off such as your computer, coffee pot, toaster, TV, and hair tools can go a long way.

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