These are the definitions hereby in this document, “referral” refers to the person getting a quote, “referrer” refers to the person sending a referral to receive a quote and reap a benefit, “benefit” refers to the referral fee, gift card, check, or any other form of gift for sending us a person to quote.
One cannot refer themselves to reap a benefit. Referred cannot be a current client or a previous client within 6 months of termination of insurance via cancellation or non renewal of Waterbrook Insurance™, Protectus, Inc., or Insurance Center of Orlando, Inc. The referred must provide full and true information, and receive a quote via email, phone or in person. If the referred lives in house with other persons only one referral per household is acceptable. If the referred provides false information the benefit will not be sent to the referrer. All benefit will be mailed to mailing address listed on insureds account within 30 calendar days of quote, please remember to update information regularly to avoid cancellation of insurance or lost benefit. If the referrer is not a client of Waterbrook Insurance™, Protectus, Inc., or Insurance Center of Orlando, Inc., it is the referrers responsibility to provide their current address and contact information to Waterbrook Insurance™.