Blue house with front porch.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Rent

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You found the place! It’s exciting but before you sign anything or start handing over your hard earned cash, make sure you’re asking the right questions to avoid unwanted surprises.

Blue house with front porch.

#1 Double check that the apartment or home you are renting is the one you are seeing.

Oftentimes you will be shown a model unit. If that is the case, ask to see the one you’re moving into prior. Check the place for any damage, plumbing problems or off smells such as cigarette smoke or mold. If you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to address them. Bonus point: bring your measuring tape to make sure your furniture will fit.

#2 What allows you to enter my place without notifying me?

Even though you may not own the home or apartment, it does not allow your landlord or the community employees to enter your home any time they please. In circumstances where it is not an emergency, most landlords will give you a notice prior to entering.

#3 Be sure to understand what utilities and amenities are included and which are not.

In addition to asking what is included in the rent, ask your landlord for an estimate of the monthly costs you will be paying separately. Some apartment complexes require you to use a certain cable provider – which may not be as budget friendly as the one you’re used to.

#4 Photos, photos, photos

Before you move anything in, take photos of the space, especially photos that show stains, damage, etc. An even better way to document this is through video of you walking the place. Once it comes time for you to move out, if there are any discrepancies about your deposit, you can use this media as backup.

#5 Is renters insurance required?

Landlords have their own policies that cover the building but it usually does not cover your furniture or belongings. Some leases even require you to carry renters insurance. However, if it isn’t required, it’s a good idea to have one to keep you belongings safe and secure. Get a quick and free quote for renters insurance through Waterbrook Insurance by calling (352) 394-5577.